15-Inch Gray Wood Ergonomic Home or Office Under-Desk Footrest Tilted Foot Stool

Featuring a rugged slatted wood design with a distinctive vintage gray finish, this charming ergonomic under the desk footrest blends nicely with rustic and country-themed home and office decors while helping you to maintain a comfortable seating position while working from home or in the office for extended periods of time. Its angled and raised design keeps your legs in a relaxed position, and can even be used as a way to provide comfortable seating around your home for shorter family members and guests.

Product Features:

  • Footrest can be used throughout your home to create comfortable seating for shorter family members and guests
  • Vintage gray wood slatted design seamlessly blends with rustic and country-themed decors
  • This ergonomic 15-inch under the desk office footrest features a distinctive vintage gray wood design
  • Angled and raised, the platform helps you to maintain a comfortable working posture while seated for extended periods of time

Approximate Dimensions: Overall - 4.25 H x 15.75 W x 11.25 D (in inches)

Regular Price, $31.99