2 TierWhite Wood and Black Metal Lazy Susan Dessert Display Stand, Cupcake Stand

Upgrade your serving, storage, and organization game with our innovative 360-degree rotating wooden lazy susan. Crafted in a charming shabby whitewashed finish, this round beauty features dual tiers adorned with an industrial matte black metal pipework accent. Whether you're layering desserts, pastries, snacks, or appetizers, the 8-inch and 12-inch trays provide ample space, making it perfect for parties or weddings. Beyond festivities, this versatile piece thrives in everyday scenarios too. Utilize it to neatly arrange spices, condiments, craft supplies, or simply showcase seasonal decorations. The sturdy construction of whitewashed solid wood and a matte black metal pipe pillar ensures stability during its graceful spins. A modern farmhouse charm is added through the juxtaposition of white weathered wood and the black metal spindle. Elevate your home decor, dessert tables, buffets, and dining experiences effortlessly. This 2-tier cupcake riser stand is also an impeccable gift choice. Assembly required. Please note that due to natural materials, color and wood grain may slightly vary from the listing.

Product Features:

Elevate your hosting with a charming whitewashed wooden lazy susan, boasting a 360-degree rotation and 2 tiers. The addition of a black metal pipework pillar accentuates its appeal. Minimal assembly required.

Versatility takes center stage: this dessert display stand turntable effortlessly showcases cupcakes, pastries, fruits, and finger foods like hors d'oeuvres and charcuterie.

Crafted with solid wood, the lazy susan flaunts a sizeable round base that guarantees a smooth spinning motion for both tiers. You can confidently load it with hefty items without worrying about tipping.

Embrace organization and aesthetics simultaneously. Utilize this masterpiece to curate captivating displays on tables or optimize storage within kitchen cabinets or pantries. Store spice jars, condiment bottles, or any essentials you desire.

Approximate Dimensions: Overall - 8.3 H x 12.2 Diameter; Large Tray - 0.8 H x 12.2 Diameter; Small Tray - 0.6 H x 8.3 Diameter; Pipe - 5.9 H x 0.8 Diameter (in inches)

Regular Price, $34.99