3 Panel Corkboard Style White Wood Framed Folding Room Divider

Bring both distinctive modern decoration and functional organization to your home or office with this corkboard style framed wood room divider. Hinges allow for more flexibility in positioning the room divider, and it is easy to fold up and put into storage when not in use.

This corkboard panel screen is an exceptional way to section off areas, and its tall height provides sufficient privacy. Its cork board panels are a great way to display photos, messages, calendars, artwork, and other items you would place on a bulletin board with pins and tacks.

Product Features:

  • Lightweight and sturdy build of the dividers lets you position them freely with ease
  • Easy to fold up to one panel size and put into storage when not in use
  • Ideal divider for both functionality and creativity
  • Cork board panels are great for note taking and brainstorming

Dimensions: 47.25 W x 0.75 D x 67.75 H; Cork Board Panels - 13.25 W x 20.5 H; Each Panel - 15.75 W (in inches)