4-Tier Black Metal Wire Stackable Storage Baskets with Wheels, Rolling Organizer Bins

Tackle disorder in your kitchen and pantry with this freestanding basket rack. Each of the 4 tiers can be separated from the others and used on its own or stacked together with the other bins to create a freestanding shelf rack that is perfect for holding all manner of produce and packaged foods in your home. For a convenient way to keep your food stored and your kitchen clutter-free, this food bin rack is the ideal choice. Four black metal baskets can be easily stacked to save space while creating even more organization. Bins can also be used separately in your home, office or retail settings.

Product Features:

  • Perfect for keeping fruits, vegetables, canned goods, boxed foods, and more stored and organized
  • Made of black metal wire, the stackable baskets offer efficient organization with the ability to see contents easily
  • The set of 4 produce baskets is made of sturdy metal wire with rollers at the bottom
  • The 4 baskets can be used on their own or stacked one on top of the other for convenient storage

Approximate Dimensions (in inches): 11.75 W X 42.5 H X 12.25 D