Artificial Green Grass Plants in Matte Black Wood Decorative Planter, Tabletop Rectangular Plant Pot

Bring a touch of nature indoors with our chic 14-by-6-by-9-inch faux grass plant. Nestled in a matte black wooden pot, this modern centerpiece features four lifelike sprouts and sleek black pebbles. Perfect for homes, offices, or events, these low-maintenance ornamental planters stay vibrant year-round without water or sunlight. The minimalist design, enhanced by a matte black finish, seamlessly complements various interiors, making it an ideal gift for any occasion. Elevate your décor with this sophisticated piece that adds a fresh, contemporary vibe to any space.

Product Features:

A 14x6x9-inch faux grass plant in a black wooden pot creates a modern and enlarged centerpiece for homes, offices, or events.

Four artificial green grass sprouts, accompanied by black pebbles in a matte black-finished wooden planter, offer a sleek and sophisticated accent.

No-maintenance ornamental planters maintain their green vibrancy without water or sunlight, making them perfect for low-light areas and busy environments.

Lifelike grass tufts in a wooden container with a matte black finish exude a contemporary minimalist aesthetic, fitting seamlessly into a variety of interior styles. Place it on a mantel, windowsill, desk, countertop, kitchen island, or any table to bring the outdoors in. Includes 4 bottom foot pads to prevent scuffing and scratching to surfaces.

Approximate Dimensions: Overall - 13.9 L x 9.1 W x 5.7 H; Planter Box - 2 H (in inches)

Regular Price, $36.99