Black Metal Pizza Pedestal Racks, Food Display Stands, Dessert Serving Risers, 3-Piece Set

Transform your culinary presentations with this 3-piece set of nesting hexagonal black metal display stands. The modern twisted geometric design adds a dynamic touch to food displays in home kitchens or commercial settings. These tiered metal risers effortlessly lift flat trays, platters, or dishes, allowing for creative arrangements that captivate the eye. Crafted with a sturdy metal construct and a matte black powder-coat finish, these platforms provide a contemporary backdrop for an array of delights, from pizzas to cupcakes. Whether gracing dining tables, enhancing buffet sideboards, or accentuating retail windows, these versatile pizza racks add a distinctive flair to food showcases. The ingenious design allows for easy storage by nesting within each other, minimizing space usage. Beyond their practicality, these serving racks also excel as photo props, smoothly transitioning from storage to staging in various settings. Ideal for cooking and baking enthusiasts, this blend of form and function takes the artistic creativity of showcasing food to a new level.

Product Features:

A 3-piece set of nesting matte black metal serving risers in a modern twisting hexagonal design, perfect for showcasing plated food.

Abstract geometric base stands elevate flat trays, platters, or dishes in three different sizes, providing a variety of display options.

Crafted with a durable metal construct and matte black powder-coat finish, these serving racks create a stylish backdrop for presenting pizza or cupcakes on plates.

Hexagon-shaped modern pizza pedestals enhance dining tables, buffet sideboards, or kitchen counters. They conveniently nest for minimal storage space, and the set includes 4 bottom foot pads for surface protection.

Approximate Dimensions: Small - 4.2 L x 3.7 W x 5.5 H; Medium - 5.5 L x 4.8 W x 7.9 H; Large - 6.9 L x 6.0 W x 10.2 H (in inches)

Regular Price, $34.99