Brown Wood Square Nesting Cupcake Stands, Retail Merchandise Pedestals, Set of 3

Impress your guests with visually captivating culinary displays using this unique 3-piece set of rustic burnt wood nesting risers. Perfect for showcasing cupcakes, pastries, and more in a bakery, café, or at events. These solid wood pedestals also serve as stunning bases for decorative items. When not in use, simply nest the stands for easy storage. Elevate your presentations and create a lasting impression.

Product Features:

Versatile 3-piece set of rustic burnt wood platforms for food, dessert displays, and retail merchandising.

Nesting racks in varying sizes create eye-catching presentations for events, parties, and bakeries.

Solid wood table style pedestals with rounded edges enhance culinary creations. Color may vary slightly due to natural material.

Stackable serving bases with foot pads for space-saving storage and stylish displays on tables or countertops.

Approximate Dimensions: Large Riser - 11.0 L x 11.0 W x 5.9 H; Medium Riser - 7.1 L x 7.1 W x 4.3; Small Riser - 4.5 L x 4.5 W x 2.8 H; Board Thickness - 0.7 (in inches)

Regular Price, $45.99