Clear Gray Multipurpose First Aid, Arts & Craft Supply Case, Storage Container Box with Removable Tray

Keep your supplies and keepsakes neatly organized with this clear multipurpose storage container box. This organizing container can help you save space and reduce clutter in your home, keeping small items in one place. The clear design of this container allows you to see everything stored inside so you can easily find what you’re looking for without digging through the contents. Use this supply case and its removable tray to organize your medication, crafts, jewelry, or knickknacks with this perfectly sized, all-purpose storage container.

Product Features:

  • The clear gray storage container box features a handled removable tray with 4 compartments for easy organization
  • Keep your items secure in this supply case with a latch lock, and move the box easily with a convenient top handle
  • This multipurpose storage case can keep your craft supplies, fishing tackle, first aid kits, and other items neat and organized
  • *Due to monitor variations colors may appear slightly different.*

Approximate Dimensions (in inches): 10.25 W X 5.5 H X 6.5 D.

Regular Price, $24.99