Fake Fern Plant, Artificial Greenery, Maidenhair Potted Faux Fern in Burnt Wood Square Plant Pot

At almost 17 inches high, this gorgeous artificial fern will bring a touch of greenery to any corner of your home, office, patio or deck. In any setting, this faux maidenhair fern will bring a touch of lifelike nature to your home, retail environment, restaurant, or wedding or events without you ever needing to worry about watering, or finding a spot where it will get sunlight. The plant comes potted in a small square burnt wood planter pot with faux pebble filler and can be placed in a larger decorative container if desired. Adjust the leaves to form the shape you want with the wire interior stems and simply clean with a damp cloth or duster as needed. Easily bring a touch of natural elements and stylish rustic décor into any setting with this beautiful realistic looking artificial fern plant in a dark brown rustic burnt wood planter square cube box.

Product Features:

  • Ideal for busy retail environments, restaurant settings, and wedding or event decorations to bring in natural décor
  • No watering, sunlight, or additional maintenance necessary to keep this plant looking fresh and vibrant
  • This natural looking 17-inch tall artificial fern plant will bring a touch of lifelike plant life to any tabletop surface of your home, office, patio, or deck
  • Potted in a small rustic burnt wood planter filled with faux rock soil for a more realistic look, this faux greenery features wire interior stems which allow you to shape them into any form you like

Approximate Dimensions: Overall - 16.9 H x 11.8 Diameter; Planter - 4.7 L x 4.7 W x 5.1 H (in inches). Unfortunately, this product cannot be customized