Hexagonal Antique Whitewash Wood Ring & Trinket Box

With a vintage inspired shabby-chic whitewashed finish, a modern hexagon shape, and a swivel lid with magnetic closure, this little wood box is a stylish way to organize small items, end keep rings or trinkets safe.

No matter if it's a grand proposal, organizing paper clips, displaying glass beads in your store, or keeping jewelry safe on the go: The compact 3-inch size makes it easy to take this vintage inspired wooden box with you where ever you go!

Product Features:

  • 3-inch hexagonal wood jewelry box with weathered whitewash finish
  • Can be used to organize jewelry, pins, beads, buttons, and small trinkets
  • 3-inch box takes up minimal desk, counter, or shelf spaces
  • Small box with swivel lid makes an elegant display for favorite pieces, weddings or retail merchandise
  • Dimensions (in inches): 1.8 H × 3.6 W × 3.2 L
  • SKU: J1122WHTWS
Regular Price, $11.99