Paneled Bamboo Room Divider with Dual Sided Birds Gingko Biloba Tree Sunset Design, Freestanding Folding Privacy Screen

Add a visual masterpiece of functional décor, transcending ordinary room dividers with this 5.75-foot-tall Asian-themed wooden privacy screen. Taking inspiration from classical Asian artworks, this freestanding gem radiates serenity and prosperity, making it a thoughtful addition to any home, office, dorm, or business. Crafted with six foldable panels connected with dual-action metal hinges, this partition effortlessly adapts to most spaces, creating peaceful corners or sections at a whim. Its clever folding design allows for easy storage to reclaim a space whenever needed. Each panel boasts tightly comb plaited bamboo strips, showcasing detailed artwork on both sides that brings to life a yellow leaf gingko biloba tree adorned with blue flycatcher birds. Overlooking foggy waters, majestic mountains, a lone sampan fisherman, and a setting sun on the horizon, this scenery captivates with its moody hues and natural charm. The solid pine wood frame is finished in a neutral beige that complements a variety of interior styles, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into any decor. Whether used as a dressing area blind, a window covering, or to define work cubicles or segmented rooms, this separator adds an authentic touch of traditional oriental artistry. Elevate living spaces and inspire tranquility with this portable and versatile room divider. As a gift with intention, it delivers a Zen aesthetic and creates a serene atmosphere wherever it's placed. Experience the beauty of this autumn fishing scene that tells a story in every section, inviting the observer to escape into its picturesque world.

Product Features:

5.75-foot-tall freestanding wooden room divider printed with a sunset waterscape is inspired by traditional Asian paintings to bring an aura of serenity to any home, office, dorm, or business

6 foldable panels are linked by dual-action metal hinges that allow effortless movement in both directions to accommodate almost any space; fold the privacy partition down to a single stack of panels for easy storage

Woven paneling of tightly comb plaited bamboo strips features double-sided artwork of an autumn gingko biloba tree with blue flycatcher birds over foggy waters, mountains, a lone sampan fisherman, and a setting sun in the horizon

Durable solid pine wood frame of this folding screen has a neutral beige finish to complement a wide range of interior styles, offering a theme of tranquility and prosperity to any dressing area, window covering, work cubicle, or sectioned off room

Approximate Dimensions: Overall Flat - 94.5 L x 0.8 W x 68.9 H; Each Panel - 15.5 L; Folded - 15.5 L x 4.7 W x 68.9 H; Feet - 2.8 H (in inches). Unfortunately, this product cannot be customized

Regular Price, $272.99