16-Inch Premium Black Acrylic Hat Stand and Wig Display Racks, Set of 2

Display and store your hats and wigs in modern style with these premium black acrylic hat racks. Featuring a 4.4 inch diameter top, these stands can accommodate a variety of hats, caps, fedoras, helmets, and wigs, while helping them maintain their shape. A sturdy 6 inch round base make these stands ideal for display on any counter, table, or dresser in your home, retail, theater or boutique. Standing 16 inches tall, this acrylic hat holder gives elevation to your headwear and allows for long length wigs to be stored as well. Keep your hats neatly displayed with this set of 2 premium black acrylic hat stand and wig holder display racks.

Product Features:

  • Each 4.4 inch diameter top hat stand make them suitable for a variety of hat styles to be stored, while helping them maintain their shape
  • Tabletop design allows you to display headwear on your counter, table, or dresser without fear of it tipping over and giving height to your hats
  • This set of 2, 16 inch premium black acrylic hat and wig stands are ideal for any closet, boutique, theater, or retail setting
  • These 2 raised racks are ideal for displaying and storing a variety of hat, caps, cowboy hats, fedoras, helmet, and wigs styles

Approximate Dimensions: 15.9 H x 5.9 Diameter; Top - 4.4 Diameter (in inches). Unfortunately, this product cannot be customized

Regular Price, $29.99