Clear Glass Rectangle Block Vases, Set of 2

The clean and modern look of clear glass and square lines make a strikingly attractive backdrop for plants, stones, and other natural elements in these elegant miniature terrarium. These simple glass vases can be used as a decorative accent for a wide variety of objects, including candles, pebbles, dried twigs and grasses, or even fish. The clear glass allow the contents to be viewed, making them the focus. Also useful for creating fairy gardens or other crafted environments, this attractive little planter is the perfect vessel for imaginative decorative creations.

Product Features:

  • Use as a planter, terrarium, miniature aquarium, or decorative accent for candles, shells, potpourri and more
  • Does not include plants or other decorative fill elements
  • Modern style decorative vase
  • Rectangular, clear glass design

Approximate Dimensions: 3.9 H × 7.6 W × 3.7 D (in inches)

Regular Price, $39.99