Matte Black Ceramic Square Planters with Removable Saucers, Set of 2

Add a minimalist modern accent to any living space with these ceramic square planters. These pots are ideal for planting flowers, succulents, and other vibrant greenery and include a drainage hole to prevent overwatering. The removable tray beneath each planter helps catch excess water and prevents leaking onto tabletop surfaces. These small planters make them perfect for displaying on a desk, table, counter top, or windowsill.

Product Features:

  • Identical planters allow for a cohesive look in your home, office or event setting
  • These small planter pots are perfect for display on desks, tables and other tight spaces
  • This set of 2 matte black ceramic square planters with removable trays is great for displaying small plants and flowers
  • **Plants not included**
  • Each planter includes a drainage hole to prevent overwatering and the removable tray prevents leakage onto tabletop surfaces

Approximate Dimensions: 6 W x 6 D x 5 H (in inches)

Regular Price, $31.99