Clear Glass Apothecary Jar Canisters with Lids, Set of 3

Add a touch of vintage decoration with these glass apothecary jars, their clear glass body and tops gives a clean and modern touch to your décor.

With varying sizes, they are great for a whimsical flair. Use these canisters to store bathroom and vanity items on your countertop, or use them to store food items such as candy and cookies.

Whether used for special occasions or for everyday home décor, these decorative glass apothecary jars are perfect for any setting.

Product Features:

Comes in a set of small, medium, and large sizes, with removable lids

Decorative clear glass apothecary jars perfect for bathroom accessories, kitchen supplies, baked good, candy, and so much more

Canisters can be used to display decorative items as tabletop centerpieces for everyday décor or special occasions or events

Dimensions: Large - 8.75 H x 5.75 Diameter; Medium - 7.25 H x Diameter; Small - 5.75 H x 4.0 Diameter (in inches)

Regular Price, $41.99