Rustic Wood Nesting Crates with Chalkboard Front Panel and Cutout Handles, Set of 3

Create storage and add style to your space with this set of 3 rustic nesting storage crates. The torched wood rectangular crates feature cutout oval handles, making it easy to carry these containers from place to place. A framed chalkboard surface on the crate’s front allows you to write down its contents so you can stay organized and easily know what is in each crate. This set of crates has limitless usage in your kitchen, bathroom, office, or kids’ rooms.

Product Features:

  • Versatile in its usage, the crates can provide stylish storage for snacks and utensils in the kitchen, towels and toiletries in the bathroom, various supplies in the office, and for display or storage in retail settings
  • The crates can also be used as shelf-like stands to display potted plants, pottery, vintage books, or other decorative items
  • This set of 3 torched wood nesting boxes has chalkboard front panel on each crate and cutout handles
  • Featuring an erasable chalkboard surface on one side of each crate helps to easily categorize and compartmentalize the contents

Approximate Dimensions: Large - 4.8 H X 14.2 W X 8.5 D; Medium - 4.5 H x 12.7 W x 7.1 L; Small - 4.0 H x 11 W x 5.6 L (in inches)

Regular Price, $41.99