Silver Wire Nesting Storage Pantry Baskets with Handles, Shelf Organization Bins, Set of 3

A better way to organize your home and office items, this set of 3 steel nesting baskets are both stylish and convenient. Featuring a space saving, nesting design, these crates collapse into one, allowing you to store neatly when not in use. Steel handles make it easy to carry larger, heavier items, and the steel construction ensures lasting durability. Perfect for magazines, file folders, books, and more, this set of three crates is a simple, functional solution to de-clutter your space.

Product Features:

  • Two handles on each bin make them easy to carry and transport heavy items from place to place
  • These baskets offer a smarter, simpler way to organize your kitchen, bathroom, office, garage, kid's room, or den
  • Three nesting baskets allow you to save storage space while the mesh exterior allow for visibility of contents
  • These bins are perfect for keeping fruits, vegetables, canned goods, boxed foods, and more stored and organized

Approximate Dimensions: Large - 5.9 H × 15.8 W × 12.0 L; Medium - 5.9 H × 12.1 W × 9.8 L; Small - 5.9 H × 8.0 W × 8.0 L (in inches)

Regular Price, $45.99