Brown Wood Hexagonal Jewelry Display Stand Riser, Set of 6

Arrange your jewelry and accessories in a variety of ways with this complete set of hexagonal wooden jewelry display risers. Designed to complement any aesthetic while providing the ideal backdrop for your cherished keepsakes, this tiered set of wooden blocks have a rustic, vintage look and feel. Arrange these risers in a straight line, or group together for an interesting look. Each wooden block can be used for a variety of display purposes, whether at home or at a retail store.

Product Features:

  • Each wooden block riser has a modern, hexagonal design shape
  • This set of risers can be used to display jewelry, small knickknacks or turn upside down to use as makeup tools holder, pencil cups or mini storage containers
  • This set of 6 tiered display risers feature a rustic brown wood finish. Jewelry not included
  • A distressed weathered finish adds vintage charm to these small display risers

Approximate Dimensions: Block 1 - 7.5 H x 3.5 W x 4 L; Block 2 - 6.25 H x 3.5 W x 4 L; Block 3 - 5.25 H x 3.5 W x 4 L ; Block 4 - 4 H x 3.5 W x 4 L; Block 5 2.75 H x 3.5 W x 4 L ; Block 6 - 1.5 H x 3.5 W x 4 L; Interior - 3.14 W x 1.5 D

Regular Price, $31.99