Turquoise Ceramic Spoon Rest, Cooking Utensil Holder with Handle

Add style and convenience to your kitchen with this lovely countertop spoon rest. Made of ceramic and featuring a smooth, shining turquoise finish, this stovetop spoon holder provides the perfect spot to place wooden spoons, spatulas, and other utensils while you are cooking. The round, bowl-shaped section helps catch drips to keep stovetop or kitchen counter clear of splatters and the long handle provides space to rest the spoon handle and makes it easy to move the utensil holder around your kitchen. 

Product Features:

  • The teal finish brings both style and convenience to your kitchen
  • Compact in size, it is easy to keep this displayed on any table or counter top surface
  • This stylish ceramic spoon rest features smooth lines and a design of raised dots along the inner rim
  • With this utensil holder, you are able to set your cooking spoons and other utensils down while you are cooking without making a mess on your stove or counter

Approximate Dimensions: 8.5 W X 1.5 H X 4.5 D (in inches)

Regular Price, $17.99