Vintage Ribbed Clear Glass Plant Mister Bottle with Top Pump

This useful and stylish vintage plant mister will keep your plants hydrated and happy. Made of ribbed, clear glass and durable plastic, this decorative spray bottle will help keep your potted plants beautiful and thriving.

The thumb pump on the top of this glass bottle is joined with a copper-tipped misting nozzle and a ring-finger holder to make misting your plants easy and convenient. The vintage-style ribbed design of the bottle brings style to your plant maintenance. Twist off the top of this sprayer and fill it with water to mist your plants, or fill this glass misting bottle with perfume to spray a fine mist of your favorite scent on yourself or around your house.

Product Features:

  • Perfect for watering small plants inside your home, use this mister to keep your plants healthy
  • Product includes spray bottle only. Other items are not included.
  • This plant mister features a glass bottle and a plastic top pump
  • This bottle has a convenient ring-finger holder and can be easily refilled by removing the top

Approximate Dimensions (in inches): 4 W X 6 H X 3.5 D