Whitewashed Wood Desktop Shelf

Add storage to your desk!

Compact, stylish, and versatile, this adjustable white washed wood shelf adds organization and rustic flair to small spaces. With whitewashed wood, it is perfect for everything from books or office supplies, to kitchen spices or beauty products.

Two pieces, one resting on top of the other, can be fully overlapped to make a shelf approximately 16 inches wide and even be pulled apart to nearly double the width. Arranged at an angle, you can take advantage of unused corner spaces.

Add some convenient storage in your kitchen, bathroom, workshop, and other small spaces.

Product Features:

  • Whitewashed Mini Bookshelf for use on desktops
  • Two-piece desktop shelf with sliding design in burnt wood
  • Adjustable: Two pieces can be slid apart to adjust from approximately 16 to 30 inches wide
  • Versatile
  • Useful for holding books, media, office supplies, spices, or beauty products
  • Made from 100% natural wood
  • Books and decor not included
  • Dimensions (in inches): 16 W (extends to 32 W) X 15.75 H X 6.75 D 


Regular Price, $35.99