10 Outdoor Summer Games for Adults

It’s officially summer, like literally as of yesterday, and like the rest of the winter dwellers, we are ready for some sunshine in our life. Not sure if it is just us, but this winter seems like it stuck around for a bit too long. Now that the weather is finally warm, its time to spend as much of our summer outdoors as we can. Lounging and sipping on cocktails is a great summer pastime, but why not include a little competition into your summer soirees? No, we aren’t thinking about drinking games (although those are fun too), we are thinking of the classic games you played as a kid, but bigger, adult size. We scoured the internet for some perfect outdoor games that are sure to please any type of crowd, from the timid to the truly competitive player. Best part, these game sets look great too!


Bocce Ball


Salute! The classic Italian lawn bowling game is always a hit, and you don’t need a court to play it. This elegant Atticus Bocce Ball Set even includes a leather storage bag.


Tumbling Timbers (Aka Giant Jenga)


Who doesn’t love a good game this classic stacking game? This 56 piece Oversized Tumbling Timbers set reaches a lengthy 5’ in height! Hand-cut from New Zealand pine, this stacking game isn’t just sustainably sourced, it also includes a carrying case so you can bust of the stacking game at any park or backyard.




Ah yes, that game everyone plays these days at every craft brewery or patio bar. But why not bring it into your backyard, and with an adorable floral design you can’t go wrong with this Sarah Campbell Cornhole Game set.




If you like cornhole you’ll love Towerball. This four-sided tower is an ultimate toss game for all ages and group sizes. TowerBall Bundle includes everything you need to get your toss game started.


Ladder Toss


This easy to play game lets you toss bolas at various ladder rungs, each one worth a different point. Wooden Ladder Toss is the perfect game for a little healthy competition.


Hooks! Ring Toss


Ok this one might be a drinking game. Hooks! Ring Toss is a simple hook and ring game, first one to hook moves the shot on the ladder and once it reaches you, you drink. But is that really losing?


Portable Table Tennis

You can make any surface into an instant table tennis match, with this Play On Tennis Checkerboard. The retractable net allows you to customize the ‘court’, while the stylish mint green and white checkerboard print make it eye-catching as well as fun.



Originally a Viking game played with skulls and femur bones, this Swedish throwing game has evolved to just wooden pieces, but is still just as fun. Kubb is a game of strategy and good aim, and perfect for any size group.


Giant Ring Toss

Easy to play for all ages, Giant Ring Toss features oversized rings, set between two teams to toss onto sticks for different points. It may seem simple, but it is very fun.



Do you play croquet? Well now you can with this cheerfully patterned Sarah Campbell Croquet Set. Six individually colored mallets and balls all fit neatly inside a floral print travel bag so you can play croquet anywhere.