Champagne Flutes and Glasses: The Ultimate Guide

Enjoy a glass of bubbles with champagne flutes. This ultimate guide to champagne flutes and glasses gives you everything you need to know about glassware for your fizz. Whether you're looking to find out about different types of champagne glasses, how many flutes in a bottle of champagne, or even the difference between coupe vs flute, we have the information for you! Read on to find out more.

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Different Types of Champagne Glasses

There are 4 main types of champagne glasses. Flutes and coupes are the most widely recognized, but there is also tulip and wide tulip glasses. A tulip champagne glass is similar to a flute but with a wider middle section, and a wide tulip has this section even wider.

Champagne Flute vs Coupe

Tall and slender, a champagne flute is the glass you generally associate with champagne. A champagne coupe however is wider and shorter, and more of a nostalgic glass - they were very popular back in the 1920s and 30s. Which tastes better? This is generally a personal preference as each have advantages and disadvantages - champagne flutes allow you to easily hold your glass without warming your drink whereas champagne coupes allows more oxygen to interact with your drink creating a fuller flavor.

How Many Champagne Glasses in a Bottle?

A bottle of champagne is enough for 5-6 glasses/people.

How Many Champagne Toasts in a Bottle?

If you're just looking to give people a small amount of champagne for a toast, you don't need as much per glass and therefore a bottle is generally enough for 6-8 people to toast.

How Many Bottles of Champagne for 50 Guests?

Typically, one bottle of champagne is enough for 5-6 guests, so at least 10 bottles of champagne are needed for 50 guests. You would need at least 20 bottles of champagne for 100 guests.

How Many fl oz in Bottle of Champagne

A bottle of champagne contains 25.4 fl oz. Champagne (and other alcoholic beverages) are typically measured in ml, and a bottle of champagne is 750 ml.

How many glasses of Champagne in a 1.5 liter bottle

A magnum champagne bottle is 1.5 liters, double the size of a regular bottle of champagne. Therefore a magnum of champagne is enough for 10-12 guests, or possibly even up to 16 people if it's for a toast.

How Many Flutes in a Bottle of Champagne?

A bottle of champagne is generally enough for 5-6 flutes/people.

How to Hold a Champagne Glass

To properly hold a champagne glass, you should hold the stem between your thumb and forefinger.

How Should you Store Champagne Glasses?

A wine glass rack is the perfect way to have a store your champagne glasses and ensure they have their own dedicated space in your kitchen or (home) bar.

Do You Store Champagne Glasses Upside Down?

Champagne glasses can be stored face down or face up. Face up means dust can land in the glasses in between uses, which is much more of a concern if they are only used occasionally, while storing them face down means there is a risk of trapped moisture. A dedicated wine glass rack where the glasses hang down keeps dust out, whilst also keeping dust out, making it the ideal solution for champagne glass storage.

Should you Hold a Champagne Glass by the Stem?

Yes. Using your thumb and forefinger on the stem is the perfect way to properly hold your champagne glass.