5 Ways to Keeping your Bathroom Clutter-Free

Ever find yourself rummaging through drawers of makeup in the morning trying to find that one perfect lip color? Or pushing through towels to get to your body wash at the back of the cupboard? Or misplace your deodorant every time you need to head out the door? Do not worry, because we have some amazing bathroom organizing tips that will keep your morning routine running smoothly and your bathroom organization looking fabulous 24/7.



Vintage Gray Wood Bathroom Organizer Shelf with Towel Bar

Freestanding Chrome-Plated Metal Bath Towel Rack

Toss the habit of throwing towels on the ground by giving yourself a sufficient space to store them. Wall hanging rods and shelves are ideal for drying towels while keeping smaller washcloths, hand towels or lotions accessible. Another way it a freestanding design, if your space allows, with bottom storage shelf or even more towels and sufficient rods for large towels.


Make up & Cosmetics 

11-inch Classic Cement Gray Round Vanity Tray


Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Don’t fear, you don’t have to throw away all those eye shadow palettes and troves of mascara, just get them organized. Consider a luxurious vanity tray to keep the essentials: face cream, eye liner, Chanel No. 5; Or something more minimalist like a clear acrylic makeup organizer to clearly see every color, hue and tone.


Bathroom Accessory Set 

Modern Black Ceramic Bathroom Accessory Set

Wood Bathroom Accessory Set

No they just aren’t for luxury hotels, your bathroom can have a stylish, cohesive looking bathroom accessory set too. The best thing it is keeps your toothbrush, soap and lotion looking straight out of a magazine or Pinterest board. Try something that goes well with everything, black, or go for something more eco friendly like a bamboo set. 


Toilet Paper

Gray Wood Toilet Paper Double Holder

Galvanized Metal Toilet Paper Holder Shelf

Yes, toilet paper needs to be organized too. Reaching for an empty roll shouldn’t be an option, keep reserve rolls on hand or tucked behind a cupboard and out of sight but in arms reach. Consider adding one to your bathroom that creates more than just toilet paper space, such as a storage shelf for your phone, or a towel bar for your hand towels, or a magazine rack.


Toiletries & More

Vintage Gray Wood Toothbrush Organizer


Mason Jar Toothbrush Organizer

All those little bathroom essentials such as cotton swabs, cotton balls, bath salts, hair brushes and accessories, really the list could go on for days. These items can easily get thrown in a drawer or the back of a cupboard and lost or hard to locate. With wall mounted cubbies and storage jars you can stylishly organize and display all your bathroom essentials, so your morning routine is always smooth.


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