6 Ways to Brighten Up Your Living Space

Create a homey Home

With people spending more time at home, you want your home to be welcoming, enjoyable, cozy, and comfortable, and avoid letting it get gloomy or moody. While everyone has different ideas of what “cozy and “welcoming” feels like, here are some ways to make your house inviting and cozy, for you and your guests, no matter your style.


Woman in front of window opening curtains 

1. Focus on Natural Light

Let that sunshine in! Opening the windows and doors and throwing back the curtains can make a world of difference to your space (and your mood). In spaces where you lacking natural light add a lamp, candlelight, or string lights to brighten up those dark corners. Also consider the type of lighting you have, if it is warm (yellow), this is around 1,000k – 3,000K is more of a warm and cozy feeling and tends to be more relaxing and are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. Cold (blue), this is around 6,000lk – 10,000k, tends to be more of a fluorescent lighting and may not be the best for your space. These are usually ideal for workspaces or kitchens.


Living room with art work on the wall

2. Add Artwork

Sometimes artwork can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Take your own personal photos or get artistic and grab a canvas and paint and whip up a one-of-a-kind art piece for your home. Not artistic? Consider finding online prints and printing them at your local office store or have an artistic friend make you something. When considering art for you home, think of the space you want to fill and ambiance you want to create. In the kitchen try incorporating fun cooking quote or a still life of a bowl of fruit. In the bedroom try something relaxing with soothing colors and tones, possibly on a larger scale to be hung above the bed or at eye-level. Offices and living rooms are great for gallery walls, while bathroom art looks good in pairs with similar themed artwork.


Blue Rug


3. Place a Rug

Rugs can act as a barrier or tie a room together, depending on what you are going for. Rugs can break up or define a room and are a great way to add a unique color or pattern to a space. When adding a rug think of how it will feel on your feet. Adding something plush, shaggy or a rug pad can make a huge difference and add another layer of comfort to your floor and home.


Indoor Plants

4. Add Foliage

These can be both artificial and live plants and can do wonders for you space and wellbeing. Create height with large or tall vases with palm leaves and monstera, or small planters with succulents and flowers. You can even add large citrus trees to your space for a fresh citrus touch. Not only will these plants add a fresh scent and help purify the air, they add a welcoming and vibrant touch to your space with their color and the pots that contain them.


Hand on Stereo System

5. Play Music

You don’t always need to be working out, in the car or cleaning to have the music on. Adding music to your home can be a great mood booster or way to unwind after a long day. This can mean adding a record player to your living room, portable speaker to the bathroom or investing in a quality sound system to be added throughout the house. No matter what you decide, find a solid playlist or album that can be casually listened to when cooking, entertaining or folding laundry.


Scent bottles and dried flowers

6. Create A Scent:

A great way to add an ambiance to your home is to add fragrance to it. Calming scents like lavender or invigorating like lemon create an atmosphere that makes you want to linger and relax. Consider candles, essential oils or natural fragrant plants to tickle your noise with fresh scents when you walk in the door.

How do you make your home more homey? What is important for you so you feel home at home? Share your ideas with us!


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