Decorating Ideas To Stay Productive In Your Home Office

With more people working from home these days (or indefinitely now), you might be inclined to make your office space more productive. Whether you are lucky enough to have a designated space, with its own door, for your office, or if you are bunking in with the living room or kitchen furniture, that’s fine too. It’s all about finding those extra decorative ideas and ways to make your home office the most efficient it can be, no matter where in the house it is located.

Sufficient Lighting

With so many glaring computer screens, its important to let in as much natural light as you can to your office. Overhead lighting or lamps can also play an important role on your work day. Having low light can make you sleepy and less productive, while bright lights can give you a headache. Find that balance of turning on a floor or desk lamp to keep you awake and for extra lighting.

Another important lighting aspect is turning off. Be sure to switch lights and computers off when you are done for the day.

Liven Up The Place

Add a touch of greenery to your desk, shelving, or floor to give some much-needed liveliness to your work environment and let’s face it, who doesn’t like picking out cute planter pots. Not only can plants make your space more welcoming, studies have shown that having more greenery in your workspace can help reduce stress, increase productivity, and even help clean the air.

Get Inspired

Keep artwork or mood boards that inspire you and energize you. Make a gallery wall, add a photo ledge, or keep a corkboard so you can swap out photos or clippings of motivating pictures.  

If you don’t have space for your own photo gallery consider adding a signature scent to your home office. Light a scented candle, spritz an air freshener or fill the air with essential oils. Keep in mind different essential oils can have different results, for example: peppermint can make you feel more alert, while rosemary can help you focus.

Add Color

Think about your space and what you want to accomplish in that space. If you are wanting a more calming environment add blues. Looking for some creativity? Try greens and purples. Needing that extra energy during the workday? Keep yellow hues around.


Eliminate clutter and distractions from your workspace can help clear your mental and physical environment. This doesn’t mean you need to go minimalist with one pencil, your computer and a cup of coffee, it just means downsizing and organizing your workspace. Get rid of items you don’t use on a daily basis, or at all, and find another place to put them, in a closet, a drawer, or the garbage if need be. This is allow you to have room and space to work instead of constantly pushing those unfiled papers and unused books aside.

Make Boundaries

Be sure to clearly develop boundaries for work and personal life. Sometimes this can be difficult when spaces are shared, try noise cancelling headphones, blocking out calendar times to accommodate for meetings or more busy work days or even closing a door if possible.

Take Breaks

Sure we can all make quick breaks to refill our coffee or run to the bathroom, but it is also important to take meaningful breaks throughout the day. Step away from your computer and social media feed and stress, get some fresh air, or even do a Starbucks run to clear your head and recharge your mental batteries.