8 Ways To Go Green This Summer

With school out and most of us in vacation mode, this can only mean summer is in full swing. With so many trips planned or relaxation required, it’s important to keep in mind of small eco-conscious decisions you can make to create a positive impact on your local community and the Earth. These summer friendly tips to go-green can be easily incorporated into any lifestyle, making them even easier to help out Mother Earth in the summer and all year long.

1. Biking

If you commute allows it, consider taking your bicycle to work, running errands, or out with friends. It’s a fun way to get some exercise, save you money on gas, and gives you a chance to take the more leisurely route.

This Wall Mounted Pipe Metal Bike Rack with Rustic Wood Shelf is a unique way to store you bike when you have limited space and give you added storage for items like keys, bike locks and wallets.  


2. Eat Locally

Shop at your local farmers market, go for locally grown in the grocery store, you can usually find the freshest produce, honey, baked goods and so much more, while helping grow your community.

Bring your own adorable Black Metal Basket to keep all your local goods when shopping.


3. Reusable Water Bottle

With summer comes added heat, which means you are probably consuming more water. To help keep disposable plastic water bottles out of landfills, consider a reusable glass or plastic water bottle you can fill with ice and fresh fruit.

Pick a fun pattern or color that matches your personality like this cute Waterdrop Glass Water Bottle.


4. Start Your Own Garden

Nothing tastes as good as home grown fruits and veggies, so skip the grocery store and start your own backyard garden. Space dependent, you can grow things direct in the ground, planter boxes or even pots.

Plant tomatoes, basil and lettuce in stylish pots like these White Ceramic Pots with Saucers.


5. Natural Lighting


Since summer means longer days, its easier to let the natural light in and keep the electric lights off. It makes for a relaxing atmosphere and saves you money.


6. Reusable Kitchen Supplies

Ditch the one-use plastic bags, zip-locks, plastic wrap and straws and go for more eco-friendly ones you can use over and over again with a simple wash.

Try these colorful Stasher Lunch Packs, for leftovers, lunches, or snacks.



No, not bring your own beer, but bring your own bag, reusable bag that is. Whether you are going grocery shopping or clothes shopping, bring your own bag to save space and the environment.

Reusable bags come in a variety of sizes and colors, but we love this Organic Cotton Mesh Canvas Bag for all your shopping needs.


8. Hang Dry Your Clothes

Skip the dryer and hang your clothes out to dry in the fresh summer breeze. It make be something as simple as a clothes line, or a freestanding clothing rack.

Try something that easily folds up when not in use similar to this Rubber Wood and Stainless Steel Drying Rack.