10 Fun DIY Halloween Costumes for Pets

While we prepare our home for Halloween and plan our perfect costumes, let’s not forget about finding costumes for our fur babies as well. These DIY yourself costumes for your pets are both adorable and easy to put together, with items you can find around your home!


Tips for dressing up your pet

  • No one knows your pet better than you, so be aware of what your pet is comfortable with and if they are up to wearing a costume or not
  • Make sure to stay away from possibly hazardous or toxic material that animals could ingest
  • If you are taking dogs on a walk or for trick-or-treating, be sure to keep treats handy when putting the costume on and for letting them know they are doing a good job
  • Keep your pets tags on, just in case they get lost


DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Pets

Ty Beanie Baby Pet Costume

Source: brit.co

Ty Beanie Baby

With a little bit of paper, hot glue, and possibly felt, your pet can become the adorable stuffed Ty Beanie Baby in a matter of minutes, and let their cuteness do the rest.



Dog Lion Costume

Source: instructables.com


Regal and fierce is the lion, but it can also be your best friend. Great for both dogs and powerful cats, this lion mane will change your precious pet to the king of the jungle.


Dog Sushi Costume

Source: yahoo.com


I’m not sure if there is anything cuter than a pet wrapped in soy paper, but with a little bit of felt and batting, you can make your pet just as adorable as a nori roll. If you don’t have felt, you could use a small pillow and markers and create your own designed sushi.


Garden Gnome Dog Costume

Source: thecraftingchicks.com

Garden Gnome

A few simple supplies and 30 min of your time and you too can have the cutest gnome in the garden!



Business Dog Halloween Costume

Source: hgtv.com

Business Dog

Using an old shirt and tie you can easily put together this adorable business dog (or cat) costume basically free of charge. If your pet is into it, add a pair of glasses to make them look extra smart.


Flower Dog Costume

Source: diynetwork.com


Easily attached to a collar, or in place of one, these perfect petals will give a garden appeal to your feline or canine friend.



Dog Skeleton Costume

Source: boredpanda.com


Spooky and adorable, this non-toxic paint is a fun way to paint a skeleton onto any pet, be it cat, dog, horse or cow. Best part, a quick bath and they are all brand new.



Dog Halloween Costume Frida

Source: jaderbomb.com

Frida Kahlo

The iconic flowered headband and eyebrows of Frida can be transformed onto your pooch for a strong (and laughably cute) costume with some yarn, flowers and eyebrow pencil.




Bat Dog Costume

Source: marthastewart.com

Bat Wings

Easily secured to any pet harness, your cat or dog can become a spooky bat, without the need of a bulky costume.



Dog Unicorn Costume DIY

Source: craftboxgirls.com


The perfect costume for any pet, and a little bit of yarn, hot glue, and some scissors this unicorn costume can make your pet as unique as you already see them.


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