How to decorate your Porch for Halloween

Your front porch says a lot about your holiday cheeriness, so don’t fall flat when it comes to your grand entrance this fall! Step up your porch game and make your neighbors and passersby have major porch-envy. Whether you are going for spooky or farmhouse chic, here are some great ideas to decorate your front porch this Halloween season!


Witches Hut

Halloween Porch Decor with Witch Hats


Consider floating candles, broomsticks, witch hats, and black cats for a very authentic feeling witches hut aesthetic. Add spider webs or a cauldron full of candy, dry ice or eye of newt and dead man’s toes (plastic ones of course).



Monster House

Halloween Monster Door


Gnashing teeth, googling eyes and fuzzy fur, monsters are a great way to add a 3D element to your porch, door or entryway to your home.


Pumpkin Patch

Halloween Front Porch Pumpkin Decor


Set up bails of hay, stalks of corn and wheelbarrows of pumpkins for an authentic pumpkin patch feel. A great way to change up the usual pumpkins is decorating them in your own style. Painting fun faces, carving out spooky grins, or elegant minimalist stripes and polka-dots.



Halloween Skeleton Porch Decor


Nothing says Halloween like a band of skeletons, and literally you could have them playing instruments if you’d like! Setting up skeletons in rocking chairs, playing cards, handing out candy or sipping a glass of chardonnay. Toss in a skeleton pet or two for added cuteness as well as spookiness.


Spider Infestation

Spider Halloween Porch Decor


Don’t call the exterminator, these giant spiders aren’t going anywhere! Let these arachnid’s takeover your porch for a unique and truly creepy design.



Bats Halloween Porch Decor


Take flight or hang upside down, these decorations will make you batty, or just add a really spooky Halloween vibe to your front porch. Either way these bats are really cool and can be made easily with construction paper and scissors.



Zombie Halloween Porch Decor


Back from the dead and ready to eat your brains, a zombie apocalypse can be just what your porch needs this Halloween. Board up your doors and windows with cardboard, set up a graveyard with zombies popping out of their fresh dug graves, and stay alive.



Ghost Halloween Porch Decor


Ghosts: Depending on which type of ghosts you want, friendly or scary, these apparition additions to your front porch can make for a haunting good design. Hang them from lights, poles or trees.


Mummy Wrapped Door

Mummy Porch Decor Halloween


Mummy Wrapped Door: Take an old sheet or medical gauze and wrap your door, add some glowing eyes and you’ve got yourself a mummy door.


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