Faux Spring Stems & Spring Vases

One of the easiest ways to swap out seasonal décor is with your vases and stems. There is something pleasant about adding fresh flowers and stems to your home, but let’s face it, those don’t last all season! It might also be harder to come by for some of us, we can’t all step outside into our garden and snip off a few branches or fresh flowers (as wonderful as that would be). But since most of us love some fresh looking plant life in our lives, we’ve rounded up some very realistic faux stems that are perfect for spring and a variety of spring-inspired vases to match!

  1. Colorful Iridescent Glass Flower Vase, Set of 2
  2. Sky Blue Ribbed Ceramic Vase
  3. Tall Brass Metal Cylinder Vase
  4. Elegant Matte White Art Deco Vases
  5. Embossed Dandelion Design Vase, Set of 2
  6. Vintage Amber Glass Vase
  7. Modern Aqua Green Glass Vase with Brass Rim
  8. Half-Dipped Stoneware Vase
  9. Gabby Glass Table Vase
  10. Glass Vase with Honeycomb Brass Base
  11. Flared Ribbed Flower Vase with Square Base
  12. Laurel Angled Clear Glass Vase
  1. Olive Leaves Long Stems
  2. Orange Artificial Silk Poppy Flower Bouquet
  3. Navy Blue Artificial Berry Branch
  4. Soft Peach Silk Poppy
  5. Italian Coffee Bean Flower
  6. Large Double Bloomed Hydrangea
  7. Artificial Eucalyptus Branch
  8. Faux Forsythia Flower Stem
  9. Faux Hazel Leaf Plant Stem
  10. Faux Pittosporum Leaf Branch
  11. White and Green Seeded Eucalyptus Stems
  12. Peach Stems