Fitness Trends You’ll Want To Try in 2023

Move over pickle ball, here come  new fitness trends for 2023. Like most people, you’ve probably added some sort of goal to lose weight, be healthier, or stronger in 2023. Don’t worry, us too! But we don’t want the regular fitness regiments that have been plaguing us and setting us up to fail for years. They get boring and stagnant, the opposite of what you want in a fitness routine. Looking for something new and exciting to add to your fitness practice? We’ve got you covered with some great ways to stay active this year.


Gyms Are Back!

Ok, they never really left, but the last few years it has been tough getting to an actual gym or fitness center, but just showing up at a gym makes you that much more likely to workout. Group fitness classes are another beneficial way to hold you accountable, and the energy is always great. And let’s face it, those monthly payments aren’t cheap, so don’t just waste your money, use your facility!


VR Workouts!

Once Wii Fit was all the rage, but now you can get a hyper realistic workout in the comfort of your home with a virtual reality workout. VR headsets are becoming more mainstream with their rock-climbing games or Beat Saber, you get a workout while having fun in a virtual world.


Standing Abs!

No need to roll out the yoga mat for these exercises, you can get all your core and ab workouts in on your feet. These workouts benefit more than your abs, they help with posture, they engage more muscles at once, and help prevent other injuries. Adding kettlebells or dumbbells to an exercise can help challenge you even further.


Carbs Are Here To Stay!

We’ve all heard that carbs are bad, but lets not throw away all our breads and pastas just yet! Carbs are not actually bad for you, shocking I know. It is all about balanced nutrition and what I good for your body long term. Cutting out carbs or certain foods can make you binge on them late or leave you unsatisfied with your “diet” and therefore make you “fail”.  Think of your food as a way of life instead of a quick fix. Eat healthy balanced meals with fruits, vegetables, carbs, fish, and meat.


Cold Plunge!

Move over saunas and steam rooms, cold exposure is hot right now. Plunging into an icy 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degreed Celsius) doesn’t sound pleasant, but there are benefits to cold exposure. Although we don’t all have a plunge pool or cryotherapy access, and they can get expensive, a 3 min cold shower can also to the trick and it’s much cheaper.


Primal Movements!

These workouts are going to be popular in 2023 and they are the most basic movements our bodies are naturally designed to do. Think of what we used to do as kinds, run, jump climb, balance, we kept our bodies moving, these movements have evolved into primal movements which consist of: pull, push, squat, lunge, hinge, rotation, and gait. These are developed into a variety of movements that get your whole body moving.


Fuel Your Soul!

Keeping your body healthy is one piece of the puzzle, while your mind and soul are another part. Lifting weights, cycle classes, and running are all great for your body and fitness journey, but slow down and add meditation, yoga, or even breathing exercises to your daily routines.

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