5 Home Design Trends for 2023

We all want to love our home, and these 2023 design trends will take us from living to enjoying the spaces in our home. Trends this year want to bring your personal style and timeless traditions out into your home décor. Our spaces need to exceed aesthetics and functionality by being both beautiful and multi-purpose. Boring gray walls? Say goodbye. Open concepts? Think room specific spaces. Want more great trends you’ll see this year? Check out these top 5 home design trends for 2023.


All Over Color

While all white everything used to be all the rage, people are moving toward more color in their home. Moody blues, and deep greens, even yellows and purples are being placed all around the home on walls, furniture, and other pops of large color to fill your space.


Quality Over Quantity

Being stuck in our own homes over the past couple years have really made us want to appreciate our furniture and living space. We want quality, we want sustainable, we want forever furniture, not throw away furniture. We’ll see many more trades and craftsman style incorporated into our home décor and furniture.


Natural Materials

Don’t worry the new wood paneling trend won’t look like your 1970’s basement, it’s a much classier feel. Incorporated into furniture, cupboards, cabinets and walls. This trend also includes plants and stones being integrated into interiors.


Wallpapered Small Spaces

Think powder rooms, closets, office, crawl spaces, any small room that wants to go bold with texture, play and pattern. Botanicals and jungle inspired are also super hot right now for anything from tapestries, upholstered chairs, to throw pillows.


Specific Rooms

Open concepts might be a thing of the past, this means moving more towards specific room types. The dining room, the living room, the sitting room, the kitchen, opposed to the main living area with all of these combined.