How To Plan A Small Wedding So You Don’t Have To Wait To Celebrate

With the coronavirus pandemic still in full swing (sadly), you may be thinking about postponing those wedding nuptials to a later date. Why not shift gears and go for a micro wedding to be able to celebrate with those closest and most important to you, and probably save money. You may be planning a small gathering now in anticipation to a larger one down the road, or it might be you changed your wedding plans altogether, either way we’re here to help you navigate to have your perfect mini wedding. 

Wedding card invitation

Revising Invitations

If you’re already sent out invitations but are needing to change your date, don’t worry, this is pretty common these days. Add ‘change of plans’ or ‘postponed’ cards to keep guests updated on changed dates and events. Another great way to keep guests informed it through your wedding website. Be sure to include this information in your invitation and you can update and change any information a lot quicker than through the post.


chairs decorated for micro wedding celebrations

The Guest List

This is always a tricky one, who to invite who not to invite. With a pandemic it makes that list even shorter. Consider anywhere from six guests to a few dozen and try to give guests the opportunity and space to be able to social distance for the ceremony and reception.


Bride wearing white gown for her wedding with bouquet in hand

Tie The Knot Online

With so many platforms available to host an online event, you might want to consider doing a Zoom or Skype wedding ceremony for guests to attend. If you choose to have no guests, or fewer in-person guests, host a video conference  for your ceremony or even your reception. For those grandparents or aunts and uncles who might not be able to attend, it gives you an opportunity to shorten your guest list, and people the choice to attend online or not. You can still have speeches and toasts virtually and just think, you don’t have to share any of the desserts.


Wedding Moment

Keep Those Special Wedding Moment

Just because you are having a smaller wedding doesn’t mean you need to give up on the dream wedding you’ve envisioned. You can still wear a fancy wedding dress and carrying a bouquet or renting a tux and having a ring bearer. Keep the traditions that are most important to you that will make the day special and memorable. Still keep the photographer so you can capture those special moments and still have those bridal and groom shots for the photo album.


Champagne ideas for wedding

Single Serve Food and Drinks

To keep germs at a minimum try to avoid buffets or large shared plate items. Consider single-serve sparkling wines or waters for guests instead of communal pitchers, set out pre-plated appetizers instead of passed hors d'oeuvres, and single wrapped dessert items instead of chocolate fondue fountains.


Wedding dance

After Party

Make the dance floor bigger to allow and break out the lawn games for people to celebrate while being able to be outdoors and social distance. If you decide to keep some staple reception items, such as guest books and photo booths, be sure to include hand sanitizer stations for guests.