International Day of Happiness

Friday March 20th marks the Annual International Day of Happiness. What is this day do you ask? Well it’s a day to be happy of course! Founded by Jayme Illien, Founder of Happytalism, CEO United Nations New World Order Project, International Day of Happiness was created to advance happiness as a human right and that all the ultimate purpose of all human beings is happiness and wellbeing.  Considering the rapid involvement of COVID-19 affecting the world, we need this day now, more than ever for a reminder to stay positive, calm and kind. We’ve come up with a few ways that you and your family can enjoy this year’s International Day of Happiness while isolated that aren’t eating all the snacks or laying on the couch watching hours and hours of Netflix.


Stay Active

Exercise at Home

With the boom of at home workouts hitting the social scene its easy to get your workout in without having to go to the gym. Practice yoga or meditate to keep the mind active as well. Remember, the outdoors aren’t off limits, so take a walk in the sunshine, go for a bike ride, or hike, while keeping social distancing of course, enjoying the fresh air can invigorate and rejuvenate. Some popular at home workout apps are on your phone, check out SWEAT, PVolve, Fiit,  or the many YouTube videos available.


Keep In Touch 

Mother and children skype with family

Although we are designated to groups of 10 or less, these days video calls and group chats are a great way to stay social. Plan a fun game with your family in a different state, or even just call to say hello, send those happy vibes even if you can’t be around in person. Another fun way to stay in touch is making cards or writing letters to friends and family. With a bit more time on our hands, those hand-made or hand-written letters can make all the difference to brighten up someone’s day.



Woman with Face Mask

Sometimes it’s hard to remember to take care of yourself, but now you don’t have an excuse, and let’s face it we all need a little TLC! Break out those face masks, nail kits, grab a good book or watch a show and have a glass of wine.



Young mom with toddler cleaning window

While for some this isn’t exactly happiness, it can really make staying indoors a little more bearable. Having a cluttered messy house doesn’t always make us the most productive. So, take some time and deep clean and organize your house, put away those winter jackets and sweaters and start getting ready for shorts and tanks.


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