Mother’s Day Activities

Although Moms love a good breakfast in bed, why not plan something extra special for mom this Mother’s Day that involves more than waffles (but those are really good too). Why not add some unique Mother’s Day activities to the flowers and handmade cards that allows mom to spend her special day with loves she loves most.


Spa Day

Mother and daughter in a spa setting wearing robes and cucumbers on their eyes

What mom doesn’t love an afternoon (or full day) to herself? Treat her to a spa day full of pampering, massages and rose. If she doesn’t want to go somewhere for her spa day, make her one at home. Set out the bath salts, break out the face masks and give her a good foot rub.


Garden Tour
A relaxing garden pathway lined with pink, blue, and yellow flowers

Have a local nursery or arboretum? Take mom on a nature walk through beautiful flowers, plants, and trees. Buy her some flowers or a souvenir at the end to solidify those wonderful memories.


Pack A Picnic

A family gathered on a picnic blanket with a picnic basket and various foods being enjoyed

Make some sandwiches, grab a comfortable blanket, maybe a charcuterie spread, and a bottle of wine (or sparkling water) and head to a park, a field or even your backyard and relax among nature. You can make it as simple or elaborate as you want, but be sure to bring a good book, some outdoors toys, or some good conversations to keep the picnic party going.


Let Mom Choose The Movie

Adult friends gathered on cushions, eating popcorn and enjoying an outdoor movie

I know shocking, but why not just this once let mom choose the movie for movie night. Romcom, action packed, or documentary, whatever she likes, make sure there is a red carpet rolled out, some popcorn and her favorite snacks. Grab some pillows and blankets and make the couch comfy, or set up a screen outdoors and have a drive-in movie in the backyard.


Step Up Your Brunch Game

Top down view of various plated breakfast and brunch style foods on a rustic wooden table

Instead of the brunch basics go overboard and make all her favorite brunch items. From Belgium waffles to quiche, or even assorted fruits, pick out the perfect spread for a group or just for mom. Go over the top of flavors, decorations and drinks that are all the things she loves about breakfast. Let the kids set the table or decorate while she relaxes in bed before her brunch feast.


Take Her to a Class

Mother and two children smiling while turning a pottery wheel together

Try pottery, painting, or flower arranging for a new way to let her creativity out. Look for ones that allow the whole family to join in, or let her go experience it on her own. The peace and quiet is always welcome, but nothing beats creating something with the family.