Plant Trends of 2023

Let’s face it plants really don’t go out of style like your paint color or wardrobe, but there may be some types of houseplants that are making a comeback this year that you might have forgotten about, or might even already own. Houseplants are the perfect décor addition to your home, they aren’t just beautiful, they bring so many other benefits to a space such as enhance air quality, reducing anxiety, or even improving focus.

One of the main focuses this year is sustainability, and that includes our plant life and how they are planted. Using peat-free potting mixes or mixes with upcycled materials will be much more popular and are better for the planet.


Cactus and Succulents  

One of the easiest types of plants to keep alive and requires minimal water are cactus and succulents. These also make great plants for first-time plant owners or busy environments like offices or businesses. But make sure not to overwater them and give them lots of light.



Wax plant or porcelain flower, these plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are easy to care for. They have a sweet smell, thrive in indirect sunlight, and enjoy a good misting every once and a while. Most unique thing about these plants is the edible flower nectar!


Alocasia Silver Dragon

Although somewhat difficult to find, these plants exude silvery textured leaves that resemble dragon scales, hence their name. Other varieties of indoor plants such as White Aspen Dracaena or Cool Beauty Dieffenbachia are some plants you will see this year. People have turned from the traditional dark greens of leaves and are looking for more colors, think white, yellow, or even silver.


Large Plants

Monstera’s were all the rage in 2022 and will definitely be a staple in 2023. Their large leaves and dramatic presence make a dramatic statement in your home or office. They do like shade, warmth and moisture, keep that in mind when deciding where to place them.


Growing Your Own

Indoor or outdoor, herbs and veggies can thrive in the right environment. With grocery bills getting higher and higher, planting your own food might be the way to go, and it can be relatively cheap. Planting foods can be from seeds or starters and can be in small garden beds or planters both indoors and outdoors. Be sure to choose proper plants for your environment, climate, etc. when deciding which foods you will be consuming.


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