Preparing Your Wallet for Black Friday: Splurge vs Save for Home Decor

With Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year, it can be hard not to grab every sale that passes you. With great deals hourly, or daily, you just do not want those items to get away from you without. But knowing when to splurge and when to save can make all the difference for those unnecessary, or necessary items, making you, and your bank account, look good.

Like most spending, be sure to have a budget in mind when splurging or saving. A great rule is to look for items that are already on your list, or that you were already planning on buying. Try to prioritize the essential items you are wanting first and if the budget allows, go for the unessential item you have had your eye on. Make sure you plan and keep these rules in mind when looking for those home décor items.


Long-Term vs Short-Term Home Decor

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When it comes to home furnishings and décor, it is difficult to know which pieces are worth the investment and where you can skimp on the expensive items. Items you tend to use daily are usually the items you can spend a bit more on.



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Pieces that do no move are a great way to think of places you can splurge. A large bookshelf, sofa, bed, items that get the most use and stay put.

  • Sofa: Think about your sofa, you probably use your sofa daily, and this item might be worth the investment in the long run. Whereas your accent pillows or chair (although probably adorable and chic), might be somewhere you sit less often, and could possibly be chosen from a unique thrift store or refinishing an old piece.
  • Bed: Another investment piece should be another place you spend most of your time, your bed. Do not try and go for a cheap mattress or box spring, it can give you back pain, and make for a restless night’s sleep. For a full and good nights rest, invest in a mattress that is right for you. Then you can save on other items such as pillows, sheets, and even the bed frame.
  • Rugs: Splurge on a rug, it’s sort of easy to do because they aren’t cheap, but trying to save money on a rug that is too small, or ends up being scratchy and not plush, can really bring down a space. Usually with a higher quality rug, it will be easier to keep clean and last longer, making you not have to buy 3 rugs in 3 years for the same price of the 1 you could have for 5 years.
  • Dining Table: The right dining table for the right space, is a place you will want to splurge on. Find a high quality that won’t wear a down quickly, so your family can enjoy their meals together for years to come. Save on seat cushions that might need to be replaced more often, or table runners you will change throughout the season.



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Pieces that tend to move around are items that can generally be saved. Think of your lighting, artwork or all the knickknacks to decorate your space.

  • Lighting: This can be an important addition to a space and give the ambiance you desire, but it does not need to break your pocketbook. With so many options places offer a variety of expensive looking pendant, chandelier, scone, and lamps that can be a good alternative to a pricier item.
  • Artwork: One of the great things about artwork is you can take it yourself! If you are handy, or up to the challenge grab some paint, a canvas and go to town. Another way to save on artwork can be digital prints. Instead of spending a lot of money on framed artwork, download a digital print and print it at home or a local print shop and reuse a frame or even make your own.
  • Accents: Throw pillows and blankets can be a good area to save. These are fun pieces you could even make yourself with a little bit of fabric, stitching and batting you could create your ideal pillow for the space you have always imagined.

Keep in mind everyone will have different opinions on what is priority and most important to them for splurging vs saving. Find that perfect lamp that will fit great on your end table and its 50% off? Go for it! Find that perfect serving tray you can imagine handing out appetizers to all your friends and family, grab it before it is gone! But be sure your budget allows for it.


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