Spring Cleaning Your Tech

Spring cleaning can extend to more than just your home, it is a great time to clean your tech too. Devices such as headphone, cellphone, laptop, keyboard, even clearing out your email is a great way to declutter for the spring. These 6 tips will help you keep your tech clean, clutter-free and ready for summer.

  1. Disinfecting your devices is a great way to keep germs away and your devices running smoothly. Be sure to turn off and unplug any device before you start cleaning and remove any case or covering. Using non-alcoholic wipes to wipe down screens and remember to clean all the nooks and crannies such as charging ports, headphone jacks and earpieces and other ports that can get clogged with lint, dust and other debris. Never use harsh chemicals or place liquids directly on your device, spray onto a cloth, cotton swab, or microfiber cleaning towels.

  2. Remove your old apps on your phone or tablet that you no longer use and is just taking up memory space. Now would also be a good time to update any of out date apps that you may have as well.

  3. Clean your Inbox by unsubscribing to emails, categorizing and organizing emails into folders so they are easier to locate.

  4. Declutter your desktop, this might also entail your physical desktop, but your computer screen desktop can get bogged down with quick saved items, or uncategorized ones. Make specific folders for important items or frequently deleted items so your desktop doesn’t get cluttered.

  5. Clear storage space by deleting on photos, text messages or emails on your phone, laptop, computer, or even external hard drive. A great way to make sure important files don’t get deleted is uploading them

  6. Run software updates on your computer to be sure your drivers are up to date. This is important for virus protection too.