Unique Mother’s Day Traditions From Around The World

For most U.S. households, the tradition is giving Mom a “day off”, usually starting with breakfast in bed, a bouquet of flowers and other tokens of affection and appreciation for mom. Other countries, such as the UK, France, and China to name a few, celebrate Mother’s Day in their own version very similarly to the U.S., usually accompanied by cards, gifts, and festivities. Around the world other countries celebrate Mother's Day in May, August and even October, with similar and some different traditions. We are featuring some unique Mother's Day traditions that are celebrated from around the globe. So gather some inspiration for gifts, or possibly make some of these traditions part of your own Mother’s Day excitement.


Mother’s Day, also known as La Dia de la Madre, is always celebrated on May 10th. The young children usually make cards as gifts, while the older children usually buy something. Mother’s are often serenaded and treated to a lunch or dinner at a restaurant so they don’t have to cook.



Usually celebrated with red carnations, Mother’s day in Japan, or "Haha no hi," is also celebrated with children drawing pictures of their mother’s, to give as gifts or they will be entered into drawing contests. Some children will also help with chores and make food for their moms.



Celebrated after the rainy season, in Ethiopia Mother’s Day is celebrated for 3 days, known as Antrosht, that is accompanied by celebrations and feasts. Traditionally, daughter gather vegetables, spices, and cheese, while the sons gather meat for a large meal, with singing and story telling being performed.



Some parts of India celebrate Mother’s Day similar to the U.S., on the second Sunday of May with gifts and flowers for moms. Hindus in India celebrate women and mothers in October during a 10-day festival called Durga Puja that celebrates the goddess Durga, or Divine Mother. Followed with feasts, celebrations and gifts, Durga Puja celebrates the triumph of good over evil.



Observed on August 12th, Mother’s Day in Thailand marks the birthday of Queen Sirikit, the revered Queen of Thailand. The traditional gift of Mother’s Day in Thailand is a Jasmine flower, presented on its own or with another gift.



On May 26th, children in Poland celebrate their Mothers on Dzien Matki, by making their moms Laurki, which are cards decorated with flowers.