8 unique ways to showcase your photos

Nowadays everyone has a camera in their pocket and moments can get captured with ease. Instead of keeping them locked away in a phone, we’ve found 8 unique ways to display your photo albums that showcase each special memory.

Photo Boxes:

Brass Box \Photo Box WoodenMini LED Photo Cube

A compact way to showcase many photos on any desk, table to shelf, these photo boxes give a one-of-a-kind look to cherished memories.


Clipboard Photo Frames:

Burlap ClipboardWooden ClipboardPink Clipboard Frame  

One of the fun reasons for a clipboard frame is being able to change out photos. As your kids get new school photos or from your newest backpacking adventure. They also come in a variety of styles and offer an upscale DIY look.



Shadow Box Magnets Art Gallery Display Face Magnets


For any refrigerator, filing cabinet or white board, these magnet frames make keeping memories even easier. Shadow box magnets can keep other items like sand, beads or small keepsakes from memorable trips or birthdays. Magnetic faces make those adorable baby facial expressions or pet faces frozen in time and can hold shopping lists or coupons. Magnetic wooden slats keep large photos, artwork or prints securely held on your wall while creating a very artistic gallery feel.


Whiteboard/Letter Board/Chalkboard Picture Frames:

Letter Board Frame Chalboard Wall Frame Organizer Board

Keeping things organized while displaying fun photos, these cork-board, whiteboard and chalkboard ideas can combine everything you need in one place. Creating your own chalkboard wall, add a large frame and decorate however you see fit: add fun quotes, your own personal frames, and memorable dates. A combination board can keep all your important items, like keys or reminders while reminding you the important moments or trips that make life exciting. Letter board frames let you change up inspiring words, birthdays or festive greetings.


Photo Coasters:

Wooden Stand Coasters Photo Coaster Black Glass Photo Coasters

Keep your tabletop surfaces protected from your beverages while presenting keepsake moments with photo coasters. From wood, glass, ceramic or paper, photo coasters add an element of fun to your living room decor. These coasters can be great for events too, if you’re looking for a fun take-home item for birthday’s, weddings, Christmas and more.


Room Dividers:

Distressed Ivory Screen Panel Room Divider Pano Black Frame Display

Taking inspiration from the popular “photo wall”, room dividers are the portable, and hassle free, way to display many photos without being too permanent.


Photo Pillows:

Photo Throw Pillow Dog Pillow Face Sequins Pillow

Fun for kids and adults, put your boyfriend’s face on a pillow or your adorable puppy and friendly feline, photo pillows can be a comfy and cute way to display photos. Take it one step further and you can add your photo to a flappable sequin pillow.


Photo Clock:

Wall Clock Photo Wall Clock Engraved Wooden Clock

Pause time with a cherished memory immortalized next to a ticking clock. For a creative timepiece perfect for anywhere in your home or office.