How To Create A More Minimalistic Space

Most aspects of our lives can seem cluttered, busy, and stressful and we all search for a place to destress with a peaceful and tranquil environment. Why not make that place your home?

When you think of minimalism the saying “less is more” hasn’t been truer. But there is more to creating a minimalistic space then simply emptying out your home of clutter, it relies on the idea of being intentional of how you decorate and bring more than just a clean simple look.

Minimalism helps you concentrate on other aspects of your life and helps improve your physical and mental health, while creating visual appeal. Here are some ways to help you add more minimalism to your life.


Easier to clean. Less surfaces and less stuff means less items to dust and clean, simple as that.


Appealing. Those simple white lines and soft beiges with stark contrasting grey hues, we all love a good minimalist décor, but you don’t need to have an open floor plan or modern design to achieve a minimalist look. Cutting down on “stuff” can make your space more appealing. Store away unnecessary items into drawers or stylish baskets instead of keeping them on tables or shelves. Switch out large or loud patterns for simple natural tones in pillows, throws, rugs, curtains and other fabrics.


Less Stress, less clutter, they tend to go hand in hand. When your home is cluttered, your mind is cluttered and it is harder to get tasks done and relax in your own space. Clear your space to clear your mind and get those important tasks out of the way to allow for more time to yourself.


Quality Over Quantity, each item you place in your space should not only add a personal touch, but be a quality piece you enjoy over something you plop down that you weren’t sure of buying and only bought because it was on sale. This also can apply to getting rid of something when you get something new.