Bronze-Tone 14-Inch Tree & Bird Nest Earring Stand, Jewelry Tower w/ Ring Trinket Organizing Tray

Antique bronze-tone tree and bird nest earring stand, jewelry tower with ring organizing tray allows you to easily access your jewelry all the while an eye catching design piece to your home decor. This jewelry tower allows you to store and organize a large-scale jewelry collection. This jewelry tower features 10 leaves that can each hold three pairs of earrings, a large tray at the bottom to hold other pieces of jewelry like necklaces, brooches, or bracelets, and a cute wire basket to hold more small pieces of jewelry like rings or pendants.

Product Features:

  • 14-inch bronze-tone tree and bird news earring stand, jewelry tower, with ring organizing tray
  • Leaves on the jewelry tower can hold 30 pairs of earrings in total.
  • Small pieces of jewelry like rings or pendants fit perfectly in the wire basket
  • Tray at the bottom of the jewelry tower adds even more space to hold larger jewelry pieces like necklaces, brooches, or bracelets 
  • Approximate Dimensions: 14.1 H × 8.7 W × 5.9 L (in inches)

Regular Price, $28.99