15-Hook Rose Gold-Tone Metal Coffee Mug and Cup Stand

Capable of holding 15 coffee mugs in a small countertop space, this efficient metal mug tower is an essential accessory for the coffee-fueled household or office break room. The long hooks can accommodate large bistro mugs, and the spacing keeps mugs separated to prevent damage. The metallic rose gold finish adds a touch of glamour to make this mug tower a stylish complement to modern and eclectic decors.

Product Features:

  • Hooks are spaced to keep cups and mugs separated to prevent damage
  • This tower has a 9-inch diameter base, which takes up minimal countertop space
  • The 14-inch metal mug and teacup stand has 15 hooks in a metallic rose gold finish
  • 15 long hooks hold mugs securely and accommodate large bistro mugs

Approximate Dimensions: 13.5 H × 9 Diameter (in inches)

Regular Price, $37.99