Gray Whitewashed 19-inch Large Wood Ottoman Serving Tray with Cutout Handles

This gray whitewashed square wood serving tray with cutout handles is perfect for serving food and drinks or displaying books or other objects. Square serving trays provide you with 19 inches of space for your plates of food or glasses of wine for guests . The serving tray has two cutout handles for you to be able to easily carry food to any part of your home without the fear of mishaps. Ideal as a serving tray for everyday use or as a vintage decoration for your home. The tray is surrounded by two inch walls to help you carry your food or drinks without the fear of them sliding off the tray.

Product Features:

  • 19-inch gray whitewashed wood ottoman tray with cutout handles
  • Features two cutout handles to easy transport your food 
  • Tray surrounded by two inch walls to carry food without the fear of it sliding off 
  • No assembly required
  • Approximate Dimensions: 19.0 W x 19.0 D x 2.0 H (in inches)

Regular Price, $57.99