2 Tier Brown Wood Stackable Modular Vanity Storage Organizer Trays, Countertop Makeup Cosmetic Box, 2 Piece Set

Tidy up your bathroom with this charming 2-tier wooden vanity caddy. Crafted from durable solid wood with a rustic burnt brown finish, it fits any decor. The top tray can stack or stand alone, while the bottom tray offers versatile storage. Elevated feet protect from spills, making it ideal for jewelry, watches, or toiletries. It's the perfect gift for a clutter-free bathroom or bedroom.

Product Features:

2-piece wooden tray set for versatile decorative storage. Stack them or use separately for organized elegance.

Crafted from solid wood with a rustic burnt brown finish, fitting various interior styles. Note: Colors may slightly vary due to natural materials.

The large tray boasts 6 compartments for storing jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, and more. The smaller tray can stack or stand alone.

Equipped with silicone feet for spill protection, it's perfect for bathroom or bedroom use. Keep your essentials dry and organized.

Approximate Dimensions: Overall Stacked - 11.7 L x 7.7 W x 5.2 H; Larger Tray - 11.7 L x 7.7 W x 2.8 H; Smaller Tray - 11.7 L x 3.9 W x 2.6 H (in inches)

Regular Price, $41.99