5.5 Inch Red Ceramic Wavy Design Flower Planter

Display your favorite live plants with this beautiful red plant container. The rippling waves around the exterior of this flower pot add a touch of the abstract to your home's décor. This ceramic plant pot is the ideal size to house smaller plants like succulents, cacti, or various herbs for a splash of greenery anywhere in your home. Bring a touch of unique and eye-catching modern design to your home with this gorgeous ceramic planter. Plants not included

Product Features:

  • This pot is ideal for displaying on windowsills, patios, coffee tables, and more
  • The small drain hole at the bottom helps prevent over watering
  • Add modern and elegant décor with this ceramic plant pot in a red finish and an abstract, wavy design
  • The rounded interior can be used to house small potted plants like herbs, succulents, or cacti, as well as other decorative items of your choice

Approximate Dimensions (in inches): 4.7 H x 5.7 Diameter

Regular Price, $23.99