6-Foot Gray Bamboo Woven 4-Panel Room Divider with 2 Shelves

The simple design featuring large strips of black wicker make this large 6-panel room divider a versatile compliment to a variety of decors, as well as exceptional privacy to improve the usefulness of large spaces.

The tightly woven panels provide almost complete blockage of light, making this room divider ideal for quickly and easily moving into place.

Dual-action hinges allow each panel to be bent in either direction, offering flexibility to make the most of under-utilized areas in the home or workplace.

Product Features:

  • Lightweight divider with 6 panels make it easy and convenient to move to your liking
  • Tightly woven with it's dark color is ideal for light blockage
  • Nearly 10-foot width allows separation of larger rooms and provides enhanced privacy
  • Two-way hinges allow for complete flexibility
  • No assembly required

Dimensions: 70.9 H x 106.3 W x 0.8 Panel Thickness (in inches)

Regular Price, $146.99