Deluxe Clear Acrylic Wall Mounted Dry Erase Marker & Eraser Rack

Keep things running smoothly with this useful and modern whiteboard supplies organizing rack. This beautiful acrylic rack comes with 5 round slots for holding up to 5 dry erase markers and 1 tray down below that is designed to hold 1 eraser. A magnificent tool for schools and offices, this organizer keeps your dry erase markers and eraser close at hand and makes using a whiteboard a walk in the park. Easy to attach to any wall for space-saving access to your whiteboard markers and eraser.

Product Features:

  • Organize your whiteboard markers and eraser in style with this stunning acrylic wall-mounted organizer rack.
  • Boasts 5 slots specifically designed to hold dry erase markers as well as 1 lower tray for an eraser.
  • Ideal for mounting to the wall next to any whiteboard at home, at school, or at work.
  • **Dry erase markers and eraser are not included.**
  • Dimensions (in inches): 6 W X 7 H X 3.5 D.
Regular Price, $15.99