Artificial Green Grass in Rectangular Black Wood Pot

Add some greenery and modern design to your space! This rectangular black planter box, made of sturdy wood with a classic black finish, comes with 2 realistic-looking grass plants made of vibrant green plastic and nestled in a bed of pebbles.

Perfectly sized for any counter, deck railing, tabletop, or windowsill to bring the perfect combination of natural beauty and stylish charm to any space.

A wonderful gift and a great addition to any space!

Product Features:

  • Make a statement with this minimalist planter box made of wood with a classic black finish.
  • Each planter includes 2 maintenance free faux grass plant potted in small pebbles.
  • Ideal for displaying on your windowsill, countertop, or desktop.
  • Dimensions (in inches): 9.3 W X 5.5 H X 4.3 D.
Regular Price, $26.99