Set of 3 Faux Tabletop Plants in Glass Vases

Artificial plants make it easy to add a dash of greenery to any space!

This set of 3 artificial plants in glass planters features realistic detailing, including river pebbles and outspread roots within the planters. Offering three different plant styles, with one plant designed to look like a taro plant, another with leaves like a lotus plant, and the third in the style of a clover plant.

A wonderful addition to any home decor, and a maintenance-free option for centerpieces, tabletop decor, or more!

Product Features:

  • A trio of realistic faux plants in clear glass cube pots.
  • The set features 1 simulation taro plant, 1 artificial lotus plant, and 1 faux clover plant.
  • Perfect for desktops, coffee tables, counter spaces, and shelves.
  • **Official MyGift product includes microfiber polishing cloth.**
  • Dimensions (each pot, in inches): Taro Plant - 6.25 W X 9.5 H X 5.5 D; Lotus Plant - 5.5 W X 8.75 H X 4 D; Clover Plant - 4.5 W X 9 H X 3.25 D.


Regular Price, $29.99